Real Carrom - Best Mobile 3D Carrom game with Multiplayer


Real Carrom brings back a unique 3D Carrom board game experience for the digital era!

Experience carrom with friends and real players in online multiplayer mode or play local multiplayer. Play a quick carrom game or challenge yourself with trick shot, timer mode and tournament!

About the game:

Carrom is an easy-to-play classic board game for all ages! Carrom also known as karrom or carom, is a popular board game originally from South East Asia, with a concept similar to billiards, pool and shuffleboard where the players have to strike and pocket the carrommen (coins) using a striker of their choice, and the first one to do so with the maximum number of carrommen wins the game. In the original carrom board game, players will use the finger to shoot the pieces. A single red coin known as the queen has to be pocketed and followed by another carromman, if not it will be returned to the center. In case of a draw, the user who pockets the queen wins the match.

Game Rules:
  • The carrom board has 9 white, 9 black and 1 red (Queen) carrommen. Choose your striker and pocket the carommen with precise control and power. The first one to pocket all of his carrommen wins the board! Play with loot against real people and double your coin earnings.
  • Your objective in Carrom is to pocket all of your carrommen using the striker on the board, before your opponent does.
  • White starts first on the board. You take turns to pocket all carrommen and for each successful pocket you get an additional turn.
  • When you pocket the Queen, you have to cover it by pocketing one of your carrommen in the successive turn. If you fail to cover the Queen, then it is placed back on the centre of the board.
  • If you pocket the striker, then you will have to place a carromman of your colour on the board.
  • If you pocket any additional number of carrommen of your colour along with the striker then you will have to place back all of them on the board again.
  • If you pocket the queen along with the striker, The queen will be placed in the center of the board. You will also have to place any coin of your colour that you already pocketed on the board.
  • If a player pockets the Queen/or one or more pieces of their own color, they can take another strike.
  • When a player pockets the Queen but does not cover it, the Queen is returned to the center.
  • At least one piece must be pocketed before the Queen is covered.
  • Foul declared when the 1st to strike fails to break the center in 3 attempts.
  • Foul declared when final piece is pocketed before covering the Queen.
  • Play Online Real-Time Multiplayer with Friends & Family.
  • Practice offline play in 3 difficulties: easy, medium or hard.
  • Play local multiplayer using Mobile hotspot or local Wi-Fi.
  • Choose from 2 play-modes: Freestyle & Black or White.
  • Play 4 game modes:
    • QUICK PLAY - Play a quick game of carrom to test your skills.
    • TRICK SHOT - Pocket the Queen challenge: Show your tricks!
    • BLITZKRIEG - Time mode: Pocket each carommen in 15 seconds.
    • TOURNAMENT - First to score 25 points is crowned the Champion!
  • Accurate linear guide for smooth & precise shot control.
  • Unlock a whole array of strikers and level up!
  • Challenge yourself for a top spot in the leader board.


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